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      Bringing up a puppy dog: All puppies and dogs learn and are raised at different speeds and in slightly different ways. But it is always best to treat your puppy with care, compassion and to speak to it softly and tenderly, but also to give clear and simple orders. How to raise a puppy and to train puppies to potty in the appropriate place is almost entirely the responsibility of the puppy owner and the success mostly depends on the owner's patience and ability to teach the puppy. Most puppies just need to hear their master's tone of voice to realize they have done something wrong and you must not under any circumstances punish the puppy with physical violence. Your voice should be considered one of the most important resources in teaching your puppy to adapt to the limitations you are placing on it. This is not a license to yell at the puppy and in fact yelling will not only make your puppy fearful of you but can have other negative consequences as well. Due to most first time pet owners ignorance they simply don't understand the need and significance of firm, fair and consistent training and discipline from the very first day their puppy arrives at their home. Understanding what we as the puppy's owners want from and desire in our puppy once it becomes an adult is an important part of preparing the training we will be submitting the puppy to. At the same time we must remember that a puppy is a puppy and we cannot expect it to grow up faster than nature will allow. This means that along with good, consistent age appropriate training and discipline we must also be sure to allow our puppies to be puppies. Puppies need to play, have fun and experience life in its fullness. The saying about "all work and no play" is true for canines as much as, if not more so than, it is for humans. Our puppies also need to feel our support and understanding otherwise they will lose their self-confidence. If you must correct your puppy simply tell it "No" in a firm voice while indicating what it did wrong. Remember to never use violence
The material is taken from site: Dog Training & Dog Health Encyclopedia


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