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My name is Nataliya Sergeeva, I'm an breeder of the kennel "Iz Zamka Gremlinov". Our kennel was registered by RKF-FCI in 2001 year. Since first moment I saw griffon, his funny face reminded me a "Gizmo". So I decided to name my kennel "From Gremlins Castle" after movie "Gremlins". It spells in my native language as "Iz Zamka Gremlinov". For now my griffons, Pomeranians and Chinese Crested Dog are sharing the our "Castle". Sometimes they behave oneself like a real gremlins.
As I remember myself, I always loved dogs and always wished to have a dog, as a result in 1988 I had my first dog - American cocker Vayta (White Lily). Since that time dogs have strongly entered into my life and still they are integral part of my life. Safely I can say, that dogs are my work, my hobby and for sure my family. Not everyone can brag that He or She engaged in favourite business 24 hours per day, but I CAN!
Im glad that you have visited our website and I hope that it will be interesting for you to acquainted with dogs and their puppies. Also its possible to look through all photos of the dogs of our kennel.
The oldest one lady from all my dogs is Karamel, On 8 of august 2010 year she became 12 years old. She is our dear QUEEN!!!

In June 2009 at the big Griffons show hold by club Sirius Karamel became the Best Veteran. She get a lot of compliments from expert. This picture was made on that show. On it you can see Karamels dynasty. Lets start from the left part, here you can see granddaughter Matilda, then Karamel, daughter of Karamel - Griffani and great-granddaughter - Expression.

      Certainly, I love puppies, I like to look how they grow up and vary, it is interesting to watch their show career, to participate in shows with my dogs and to pleased of their successes. It is interesting for me to see, how they turn from a puppy to a dog with unique character, with the lovely habits. To see, how they communicate with each other. It is very important for me to know that they love me and that it is necessary for them to have me near.

     Surely the words: "...In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, 'while the death will not separate us " fit our dogs very well. It isnt important are you rich or poor, young or old, they are simply beside you and faithfully loves you all our life. Who else can so selflessly loves us? I often hear phrases about dogs: "Betrayed, as a dog" or "Dog is man's best friend". The person cannot be a lonely if near to it is betrayed friend - DOG!

      If you still wish to have a dog, you should understand well that it is a responsible step, it is just the same like you have a child who quickly grows, but remains the child till the end of life. These are troubles, troubles and troubles again, but it - JOY of CONTACT too!

    I do not say goodbye, I hope very much, that you pleasant in our Gremlins Castle and you will be a frequent visitor.



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