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      Dear Visitor,
     I'm happy to welcome you at my web-site dedicated to the dogs of the unique breed often called “three in one”! They are Griffon Belge, Bruxellois and Petit Brabancon. Surely this is the only breed which may give representatives of all three types within one litter! It's amazing, isn't it?
     Griffon is a toy breed companion, though this doggy is full of self-confidence, vivid mind and immense charm. Its close to human's face expression can't but attract attention and never leave indifferent. Griffons are always cheerful, adore their owners and express love to each family member. They may play with kids all day long and spend evenings on granny's knees watching series with great pleasure. Having come back home you will clearly realize that it was your griffon with its endless love who was waiting for you most of all and who is so happy to see you.
    What about little Brabancon? He is more like a monkey or a fairytale character than a dog. A revived cartoon hero! His beardless face reflects all his emotions.
      Each home needs its kind house spirit and a little griffon fits this role best. Griffons came into my life having brought joy and a spirit of fairytale. I love their awesome feature - both pups and oldies are ready to play all day long so you may lose track of time watching them.
I invite you to meet our griffons heartily hoping you will become their admirer.

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