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    This wonderful miracle I have seen for the first time many years ago, it has subdued me from the first view. Yes, it is not a wonder, I think, it can leave indifferent, only the most indifferent person on the world. Pomeranians are - a magic essence!
    It flies to you towards, giving the smile and sonorously barking, cheerful and easy like a bird. Pomeranians are air miracle and fluffy dandelion! I think that pomeranians are perfection of the dog world! He is improbably beautiful and thus he is clever, tender and obedient! Well, who can be more perfect?!
    I always loved dogs which with the years did not lose need to play and have fun. Pomeranians are such. He seldom sits on a place if there is an opportunity to run and to play. I sometimes observe, how my most fidget BRAVO persistently tries to wake sleeping quests when all already are tired, but he wants to play else and else.
    Pomeranians are very ancient breed which lives with the people for a long time.
They are very devoted to their owners. Despite of the small size and decorative appearance pomeranians are excellent, vigilant and fearless guard dog. He is ready to attend their owner on the walk and on a trip. The main thing for this vigorous little fellow always to be near the owner.

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