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karamel_dog@yahoo.com 8-963-2444935


3 black & tan puppies were born 4 February 2016

sir:   I'M A LEGEND IZ ZAMKA GREMLINOV  -  pedigree
dam:  LORELEI IZ ZAMKA GREMLINOV    -   pedigree
BONIFACIO - (black & tan) - sale
BONIFACIO  4 months
BONIFACIO has 4 months of age on this video
BONIFACIO  2 months
BARNEY BEAR - (black & tan) - reserved Italy
BARNEY BEAR  4 months

BARNEY BEAR has 4 months of age on this video
BARNEY BEAR  2 months


 BAGIRA - (black & tan) - reserved Estonia
BAGIRA   2 months





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recommendations on grooming and show-handling
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